Residential Rates

water-faucet-with-flowing-waterMetered Water:
0-2,000 Gallons – $12.50 minimum charge
2,001-4,000 Gallons – $17.00
over 4,000 Gallons – $17.00 plus $2.05 per 1,000 gallons over 4,000 gallons

Sewer Service:
120% of the customers monthly water charge with a minimum of $20.40 or a flat rate charge of $35.00 if the customer receives sewer service only.

Other Charges:
Security Deposit: $75.00
Connection Fee Water: $20.00
Connection Fee Sewer: $20.00
Re-connect Fee: $50.00
Service Call: $40.00
After-hours service call: $50.00
Tampering Fee: $150.00

Rates and charges set by the Louisiana Public Service Commission Order U-31343-A


For questions concerning your garbage service, please call Waste Management at (985) 643-7784



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